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New Song “Edith”

Another Song for “The Leo Chronicles”. This one is dedicated to Edith, Leos wife 1929-1935, my grandmother. Photo was taken in mid of 1933, at relatively good times, although the NAZIS already started their progrom. Edith was born in a christian family, then converted to jewish religion, then reconverted to christian again, when being divorced from Leo. In my childhood, I know her singing with a sopranic voice in church on rare occasions. She led a pleasant, but lonely short life, perhaps she was superficial, but more likely there was a lot pain underneath the well kept surface. This song is kind of unusual for me, but had to be done. I did use several software synths for this project, no hardware synth was used.

New Song “HASAG”

This new song is about HASAG, a mighty Ammunition Manufacturer in the Third Reich. In special the song is about the factory Pelcery (Peltzer) in Czestochowa (Tschenstochau). HASAG was destiny for 10 thousands of forced labour workers, mostly young jewish men and women. Many of them died within weeks because of exhaustion or were poisened by the chemicals, died in factory accidents, were murdered by the SS after only 3 days of illness or just by fun. My grandfather LEO was forced labor worker in several camps after being in the ghetto of Krakow. He survived the concentration camp of Plaszow under the evil SS officer Amon Göth and ended in Czestochowa until liberation by the Russians in January 1945. Hard stuff….uff….had to do this song therefore.

 Selected artist at “33 guests”

I am very pleased having been chosen as one of three artists at the “33 guests” event by host Jana Noritsch. Three artists are presented by three hosts during an exclusive dinner with 33 guests, each artist is present and represented with three works and one edition. It is an extraordinary format with a selected audience.
I show there my spray kinetics work “fadeR”, the robot installation “EasyBot”, the light kinetics object “SPY” and the german version of the paper work “the now remains”.
Event 05.08.2021
Exhibition: 06.08.-08.08.2021, 12:00-19:00, Potsdamer Straße 120, HOTO Berlin

 Oscar Technical Achievement Award

At this years (2021) Oscar Technical Achievement Awards my idea and development of a facial motion tracking device: the FaceTracker was honored. Too bad they did not award my idea, which was the foundation of the whole process of head mounted optical facetracking, but the Academy gave the price to the company Standard Deviation which took my idea and developed it further.
Standard Deviation worked in the same studio as I did at that time, at a company called Mr. Film, run by Chris Walker. Chris was a technology driven producer, but always short in money. So, instead of buying one of my FaceTrackers, he asked Standard Deviation to copy it. Of course they improved it further. I never received any royalties. Anyway, I sold about 100 of my units to other mayor movie and 3D anmiation companies such as Disney Imagineering, Sony Picture Imageworks and Warner Brothers.
Standard Deviations grew with their Facetracker sales and still are in business. Their founder was so fair to mention my name in his list of thanks during the award presentation.
Thanky you Babak, anyway.

Here is a full report in visual effects magazine “fxguide”

Passages of Perception into Structures

In the “Passages of Perception into Structures” 3D online exhibition by LeoKuelbs Projects my interactive paper work “was bleibt vom Jetzt” is shown. Thanks to the curator Jana Noritsch for this!

New object: Balance

Olaf Schirm – Balance

A sculpture, which symbolizes the “Carbon Balance” and by this the Carbon Dioxyde Balance on our planet. The object uses a structure of carbon tubes (nature) and bubble levels (man made measuring devices). More details on the project page here.

New object: 1 meter 50

An object I created during the Corona pandemic and addresses the officially demanded contact safety distance of 1.50 meters in Germany. Click here to go to the project page.

Art against Corona

In the “Art against Corona” online exhibition on the platform “e-mERGING artiSTS” some of my works are shown, including my Corona work “Lockdown-Bot”. Thanks to the curator Lily Fürstenow for this!

Here is some information from the website: “This exhibition is an ongoing project that aims to exhibit online the work of contemporary artists across the globe to analyse the topic of Corona and the crisis caused by the disease on the global scale. Since Gallery visits are a problem “Behind the Facades” occasionally offers the virtual view into the public and private art spaces where access is otherwise impossible. Allowing to analyse art in certain contexts and given settings. All artists are welcome to participate, irrespective of age and country of origin. All kinds of formats are welcome. With this project ARE/artistic research and curator Lily Fürstenow would like to support and explore the creative potential of arts in the times of crisis. Please write us on FB or by e-mail:

New Light Object: SPY

Detail view “SPY”

A luminokinetic object on a 1,95m large grey mirror. Click here to go to the project page.

New object: WE Player

A player for stored music, as well as Internet radio streams. This music device is controlled by coded golf balls. A detailed description can be found here on the project page . Why there? Because this object is one of my many personal projects and not considered as Art by me.

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