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Since my youth, I have been photographing, always with SLR cameras, at that time analogue and today digital.

My interest in ambitious photography is mainly for angels and statues. I see them as angels with and without wings. I search for them in cemeteries of the cities I visit and try to capture them as they seem most intense to me.

My unedited photos, especially the many documentary photos of the cemetery angels, I publish on flickr
(EDIT 2018: flickr was purchased, currently I have removed my photos there due to unexplained privacy conditions)

In addition to the obvious beauty of sculptural work, I am particularly interested in the signs of the times that have left traces on the body and especially on the faces. Erosion, damage, vegetation, all this leads to a unique image of the life of the figures in their place.

Since some time I have been fragmenting and editing selected photos of the angels. These form a limited edition on canvas (here some examples, the complete editions I will show later):

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