Symboter report in DieOrDiy

Platform “Die Or Diy” reports about my music on cassette “Matrix, Synchrotron and Phon-Ethik” .

“Phon-Ethik” is described as (excerpt): A cassette full of beautiful analogue warmth, with quite a few decent tunes.Honest electronic musik before it was turned into the ultimate W.M.D (weapon of mass distraction). Also, the best Symboter cassette. 

“Synchrotron” is qualified as (excerpt): More Tangerine Dream/Kraftwerk/soundtrack library music hybrid from Symboter. Crammed full of top of the range analogue beauty, from a treasure trove of classic synthesizers in Symboter HQ;… Lovely stuff.

“Matrix” remarks are (excerpt): The vocoder use is especially pleasing, new Generation, being a prime example of who to subtly use this classic device. Fans of anything on Colin Potter’s Integrated Circuit Records will love this.

Here is the link to the report

Die or Diy screenshot

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