News / 26. February 2023

New exhibition: Singularity

The first solo(!) show of my artwork: at the wonderful location of “coderitter” in Dresden, so many of my works have never been shown a a single location, stunning16 artworks! Opens 25.02.2023 at 19:30. Hoyerswerdaer Straße 27, 01099 Dresden. The exhibition we be shown until 25.06.2023.

Curated by Oliver Kratz (Oliver Kratz Exhibitions)

Here is an announcement of the show at dresdencontemporaryart

And here is an annoucement of the show in the culture blog feuilletonscout

A new Dawn, OSKI, 2022
News / 1. November 2022

New exhibition: NFT meets tradtional art

New scenographic works of mine in collaboration with an aritficial intelligence are shown at Bermel von Luxburg Gallery, Berlin. Exhibition opening is 3rd of Nov. 2022, it runs till 19th Nov. 2022.

News / 29. July 2022

Works shown at exhibition “Überschau”

My new AI-Scenographics are shown first time ever at:


Aug. 2nd to Sept. 3rd 2022
Opening: Friday, Aug 5th 2022 | 7-10pm
CSR.ART by DEEDS.LAB | Friedrichstraße 67-70 | Quartier 205 | 10117 Berlin-Mitte | Mo – Sa 10 – 20 Uhr

Fiona Ackerman (*1978, CAN / Malerei), Ondrej Drescher (*1977 Wolfen, DEU / Malerei), Birgit Fechner (*1962 München, DEU / Malerei), Albrecht Genin (*1945 Oldenburg, DEU † 2013 Berlin / Malerei, Skulptur), Anthony Gerace (*1983, CAN / Collage), Poren Huang (*1970 Taiwan, Provinz Taichung, TWN / Skulptur), Alexandra Huber (*1955 Landau/Pfalz, DEU / Malerei), Paula Klien (*1968 Rio de Janeiro, BRA / Digigrafie), Clemens Krauss (*1981, AUT / Malerei), Ricard Larsson (*1953 Stockholm, SWE / Skulptur), Jiny Lan (*1970, Xiuyan, Provinz Liaoning, CHN / Malerei, Mixed Media), Miriam Lenk (*1975 Konstanz, DEU / Skulptur), Jan Muche (*1975 Herford, DEU / Malerei), Erik Nieminen (*1985 Ottawa, CAN / Malerei), Jannis Paetzold (*1986, DE / Collage), Römer + Römer (*1978 Moskau, RUS, *1968 Aachen, DEU / Malerei), Olaf Schirm + KI (OSKI) (*1958 Berlin, DEU / KI-Szenografie), Sabine Schneider (*1956 Berlin, DEU / Malerei), Daniel Maria Thurau (*1974, Köthen, DEU / Malerei), Ruscha Voormann (*1992 Flensburg, DEU / Malerei), Berit-Kristina Weiss(*1971, DE / Malerei), K Young (GBR / Collage), Special guest from 2nd to 4th August: Jo Berghammer (*1953 Pößneck, DE / Fotocollage) in collaboration with Sebastian Krüger (*1963 Hameln, DE / Malerei, Karikatur)

News / 6. August 2021

 Selected artist at “33 guests”

I am very pleased having been chosen as one of three artists at the “33 guests” event by host Jana Noritsch. Three artists are presented by three hosts during an exclusive dinner with 33 guests, each artist is present and represented with three works and one edition. It is an extraordinary format with a selected audience.
I show there my spray kinetics work “fadeR”, the robot installation “EasyBot”, the light kinetics object “SPY” and the german version of the paper work “the now remains”.
Event 05.08.2021
Exhibition: 06.08.-08.08.2021, 12:00-19:00, Potsdamer Straße 120, HOTO Berlin

Press / 14. February 2021

Oscar technical award 2021

At this years (2021) Oscar Technical Achievement Award, which was held digitally due to the corona pandemic, my ground braking idea and development of a facial motion tracking device: the FaceTracker was honored. Too bad they did not award this disruptive development, which was the foundation of the whole process of head mounted optical facetracking, but the Academy gave the price to the company Standard Deviation which took my idea and developed it further. The price wace given to the company which served the most facetracking devices actually used in movie production. Under these conditions, of course US based companies in the Hollywood circumfence were preferred.
Standard Deviation founders worked in the same studio as I did at that time, at a company called Mr. Film, run by Chris Walker. Chris was a technology driven producer, but always short in money. So, instead of buying one of my FaceTrackers, he asked his technicians to copy it. Of course they improved it further. I never received any royalties. Anyway, I sold about 100 of my units to other mayor movie and 3D anmiation companies such as Disney Imagineering, Sony Picture Imageworks and Warner Brothers.
Standard Deviations grew with their Facetracker sales and still are in business. Their founder was so fair to mention my name in his list of thanks during the award presentation.
Thanky you Babak, anyway.

FaceTracker original product by Olaf Schirm