Olaf Schirm (Symboter)

Interview in magazine stayinart (german language)
Interview in Plasma magazine
Musician page at label Alter-K (french)
German language works catalogue (pdf 3MB) Olaf Schirm – selected works

Personal data:
born 1958 in Berlin, Friedenau
grew up, university, company in Munich
1998-2000 shop in Los Angeles, USA
1997- 2006 companies in Cologne
since 2006 companies in Berlin

1977, Abitur, Gisela Gymnasium, Munich
1978-83 Studies Biology/Physics, LMU Munich

Professional experience:
1978-83 next to studies: Filmkunst-Musikverlag, Munich
1983-1986 employed by Beta-Technik (Kirch Group), Munich, first as a sound engineer, then as a system designer and art director, ultimately as effect studio manager.
1987 Founding of Vierte Art GmbH, Computeranimation, Munich, from 1998 Cologne, 12 employees
Managing Partner until merger with noDNA AG in 2000
1997-2003 X-IST Realtime Technologies GmbH, Cologne, Los Angeles, USA, 20 employees
Development of data suits and real-time software of virtual performers
2000 noDNA AG, Cologne, world’s first agency for virtual actors, 40 employees
2003-2014: noDNA GmbH, Berlin, research robotics
2004-2008 Lecturer at German Film School
since 2008: Art Collector, Collection of Contemporary Art,
2014-2016 Partner and curator of the PROUD COLLECTOR Shows
2016-2017 Partner of ResponseCouture, a fashion tech startup

Independent Collectors
Friends of the German Historical Museum

Awards from:
Royal College of Art, London
1996 CeBIT Byte Best Award
Internet World
Siggraph Slide Award

German, English, French
several programming languages

Milestones Sound :
electronic music, solo, with band and in individual art projects
from 1975 Symboter recording studio for electronic music, Munich
Cassettes (Syntape 1979-1982)
1986 Vinyl LP Japotage
Music for TV channels, TV and cinema
Collaborations with Gershon Kingsley (Popcorn), Peter Gabriel (Genesis), Dieter Meier (Yello)
2011 CD Remix by “Spaceships are cool” on CD Seriously Eric
2013 Limited Vinyl-LP, 500 units, “Symboter Tapes”
since 2018: Global music contract with French label Alter-K

Milestones Picture:
Real-time 3D animation for Dortmund’s Westfalenhalle Mayday IX and X major techno event (1996/1997)
Foundation of the first agency for virtual (synthetic 3D) actors (2000)
first virtual opera singer “Cold Genius” with artist contract at BMG
several TV logos, trailers, online graphics, advertising and feature film FX
140 live broadcasts by Eddie Highscore, virtual presenter X-BASE, ZDF
Real-time effects for QUEEN music videos (“One Vision” and “Living on my own”)
In broadcasting team of SAT-1 at station start, responsible for on-air graphics.

Milestones Word:
Name development “Pro Sieben”, noDNA, X-IST, YDNA, Vuppet, DynaFlash

Milestones Software:
Real-time facial expression detection, real-time tissue simulation on the face
First German entrepreneur with virtual real-time clone
Generative software for musical projects
AI Software for Art Installations

Milestones Hardware:
FaceTracker (facial tracker), BodyTracker (data suit), DataGlove (data glove), various robots

Patent applications:
Device for real-time facial expression tracking (nominated for Technical Achievement Award/Oscar 2021)
Real-time audio transcoder

Kinetic light and sound sculptures
Kinetic sculptures, robotic installations

Siggraph Show, Los Angeles, USA, 1993
Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, 1995
Kunsthalle Dominican Church, Turbulence, Osnabrueck, 2012
Gallery of the City, Turbulence, Sindelfingen, 2013
Loewenpalais, Survivors, Berlin, 2014
The Grand, Proud Collector 2nd Edition, Berlin, 2015
The Grand, Proud Collector 3rd Edition, Berlin, 2015
Art Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe (Fair), 2016
The Grand, Proud Collector 4th Edition, Berlin, 2017
Gallery Eigenheim, Instructions for Action, Berlin, 2017
Ostrale Biennale, Dresden, 2017
Alte Muenze, Ecstasies Teresa, Berlin, 2018
Transformart Berlin, 2018
New York meets Berlin, 2018
Positions, Galerie Eigenheim, Art Week Berlin (Fair), 2018
Media Mitte Festival Berlin, 2019
State Studio, Materialize, Berlin, 2019
Diskurs, Superposition, Berlin, 2020
Museum for Communication, Chaos Method, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2020
Bermel von Luxburg Gallery, Materia, Berlin, 2020
Art Against Corona, emerging Artists, Lily Fürstenow, online, 2020
Bermel von Luxburg Gallery, Equilibrium, Berlin, 2020
Passages of Perception into Structures, Leo Kuelbs Projects, online, 2020
33guests at HOTO, Berlin, 2021

facebook.de/symboter, instagram.com/olaf_schirm
youtube.de/symboter, soundcloud.com/Olaf-Schirm
Science Art Group facebook.com/groups/927235030677743/
sammlung-schirm.de (art collection) and facebook.de/sammlung-schirm
carl-cowen-schirm.de (collection of the work of my great-grandfather, landscape painter, inventor, photographer)

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