Neuer Song “Q-Chord”

Juli 13, 2015 Olaf Schirm , ,

This is a track dedicated to the Omnichord Music Instrument by Suzuki. I did use the Q-Chord, which was manufactured in 2001 to supply all data via Midi to a Prophet12. The idea of this song is to bridge the time between the Q-Chord and the Prophet12. No data was changed in any way, the song is generated by the Q-Chord which you can hear with its original voices in the beginning and a bit at the very end. The Midi stream has been devided into various channels and voices, many voices are then Prophet12 sound multilayered.
I hope you got the idea and enjoy the song!





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  1. Frank Zerilli Juli 13, 2015at 10:17 am

    You sir are an incredible talent! I am impressed with your dedication and outcome in every field- whether robots, technology, photography, visuals & music! Keep up the great work. I am a big SYMBOTER fan here in New York City, USA

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