Yearly Archives: 2016


New company founded "Response Couture"

Based on the experience at E-Couture, I have noticed that there is a vacuum in the clothing segment of the safety clothing for the ordinary citizen.

With special technical materials, the new company RESPONSE COUTURE is a fashion line that looks sporty and trendy, but in some cases offers massive protection such as:

  • Cutting inhibition through cut-resistant material
  • Stitch resistance due to special protective lining inserts
  • Mechanical inhibition (stroke protection, ballistic protection)
  • Flame retardant due to flame retardant material
  • Anti-theft protection by integrated stainless steel ropes (separation protection)
  • Radiation protection against electrosmog also against spying on radio keys and credit cards

The website is now online at Response Couture (

Response Couture's Facebook fan page is at:

The Ultrasonic Flashlight

Here is a small project from last week, which brought me further insights into tactile feedback.



New section "E-Couture"

I have now dedicated my thoughts and experiences on e-couture/wearables to my own section among my projects and will publish further progress there in the future:



New song "Heart-Drive"

A song of impressions that come from the heart (heart) connects with the driving beat (drive) of the machine sounds.
In addition, a pun (harddrive), because everything comes from hard drive and was generated electronically with synthesizers.
More details can be read in the sound section

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