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Exhibition “Positions 2018”

At the art fair “Positions 2018” on the occasion of Art Week 2018 in Berlin, I am represented as an exhibiting artist at the booth of Galerie Eigenheim Weimar/Berlin in the edition “Instructions for Action” shown there with my work “THE NOW REMAINS”.

Publication of my most important music pieces

The French label "Alter-K" prepares the release of the most important songs from the (especially) early years of my artistic work as a musician for electronic compositions. This is where the information accumulates on their site.

The release is now scheduled for February 2019.

Exhibition “transformart 2018”

The curatorial team of transformart has selected two works by me and Matthias Moseke for the exhibition transformart 2018 in Berlin. We had submitted a joint exhibition concept, as our works touch on similar themes and therefore the lighting of e.g. aspects of the formation of forms and the decay of forms in a room of two different artists with different material is exciting.

I exhibit these artworks:


and for the first time:


“transformart” takes place annually on the grounds of the transformer plant Oberschöneweide and shows the works of about 80 artists with concerts and performances in the accompanying program.

Opening Thursday, 28. June 19:00 – 22:00
Wilhelminenhofstr. 83-85, 12459 Berlin
The exhibition is on view until 01.07.2018, FR/SA 14:00 to 22:00, SUN 14:00 to 19:00

Exhibition New York meets Berlin

I am pleased that the curatorial team Vida Sabbaghi, Carla Goldberg, Anna Franek, Romy Campe

two works by me have been selected for the exhibition New York meets Berlin.

"New York meets Berlin" takes place annually and shows artists from New York as well as artists from Berlin. The venue for the exhibition is New York and Berlin, each at the turn of the year.

This time theme is "face to face" and the exhibition takes place in Berlin, at Galerie Anna25.

Opening Saturday, 23. June 18:00 – 20:30
Gallery Anna 25, Schönleinstr. 25, Side Wings, 10967 Berlin
The exhibition is on view until 22.07.2018.


Do not tattoo

The feet somehow found the ground and signed up as mine.
In the morning it always takes a while to arrive in me, but always at the same time with all plans and plans for the day.
And this is a very special day: I don't want to get tattooed today.

For a long time I have wrestled with this decision, weighed up the pros and cons, retreated into solitude and weighed in crowds.
The bottom line is: I will do it today.
How did the decision come about? Actually quite by itself, like a lot in me, because there is always something rattling in the background.
Knots are knotted and dissolved.

Arriving at the gym, I play "TTP" again as I walk down the stairs to the men's locker room, a countdown game that I invented and lasts only a few seconds.
"TTP" means "Time to Penis", the time it takes until I see the first swinging penis after opening the locker room front door.
The longest time wins, but I've never got beyond 3-4 seconds and you have to know I'm not going to the studio at the typical (full) times.
Since the game is always over, there is time to consider variants, so I came to find tatoos. But it's even faster….

Especially in gyms it is trendy to appear with Tatoo(s) today, maybe even tattooed people get a discount.
So you're especially cool when the brain windings or the pages of your own notebook are painted on the outside.
There are bare bodies like mine on and off the roll. No tatoo, not many visible scars, hardly any freckles or liver spots. Just hair and fluff.
In the past, one deliberately harvested disinterested glances because of a body free of definition, too weak or too thick, then today because of the missing skull, illegible saying or the missing ranked tribal.

It is all too understandable that this dilemma is creating a new, large and profitable market.
So modern service shops are shooting out of the ground everywhere that don't tattoo.
As I said, I have decided and am now visiting one.

Doubts torment me along the way. Maybe I should get tattooed, then I'm one of them, everyone pats me on the shoulder in the studio and we talk about our tatoos and plans for more tatoos.
But who knows me, in the end I decide according to my own gusto and that's why I go on and now stand in front of the small shop with an overflowing shop window.
Behind the glass are numerous tatoo motifs and photos of naked, untattooed body parts of happy customers.
This makes you want more and I enter the shop for non-tattooing called "BlankCanvas".

A woman – as far as I can see – completely untattooed greets me and comes out behind the counter, scantily clad with a lot of body jewelry, made-up, but otherwise unpainted.
Apparently not a hardliner, I think, at least consistently, by representing what she offers.
After a short "Hello" you ask me "Do you want to find out more? Haven't you ever been tattooed and know what's going on?"
I denied the latter, and she offered to explain it to me: "So the most important thing is that you choose one of the two ways:
First, do you want an extremely ugly tattoo or a motif that you don't like at all, and then you can't get tattooed?
Choose one from our catalogues or we will design one especially for you. Then you can be glad not to have it.
or secondly, you choose a wonderful motif or let us design one according to your specifications.
After voting and acceptance, we will not expertly tattoo it. We have first-class staff with the best references.

Secretly I doubt the first-class references, because it is still a very young market and no shop exists for more than a year, maximum.
But I had read that the current non-tattooists are mostly retrained tattooists who are looking for a new fulfillment after years of pointless work.
I ask the untattooed woman from the reception, she now comes out as a boss and says she recruits her staff exactly where the burn out tattooists end up, e.g. with the anonymous tattooists, and builds them up in person.
The process is like getting to tattoo and of course it is not practiced on humans, but with pig skin, in order to approach the perfect non-tattoo.

I opt for the second option, I would rather have a tatoo, which I let develop exactly towards my story, until I like it so much that I don't have it tattooed.
Then whenever I look at the untattooed tatoo, I can remember that moment and enjoy not having it on my body.
At the thought of it, the water rises into my eyes.

So I commission a motive and choose the Big Bang, a very important moment for my life. The boss thinks she's going straight to work and I'm going to come back tomorrow and look at the draft.
She gives me another flyer, there are other happy untattooed customers to see and in the fine print I read that you can't resign from a non-tattoo after the beginning, that goes without saying.

So the next day I'm back at "BlankCanvas" and the boss presents me with two designs: a black circle with a black square of almost the same size, so that the corners of the square stand out from the circle. The second design is the same pattern, but only the black outline.

"This is the reference to the impossible possible, to the squaring of the circle. I call it PI-SQUARE," she says, and I'm thrilled.
But it is too striking for me, I ask if I could have the second draft without black outlines and she likes the proposal.
The change is made quickly and she asks me for the size and price calculation for the body location I chose for the tatoo. I choose the clearly visible area on the left side of my neck.
I knew it wouldn't be cheap, but the price makes me swallow with the same neck. Well, quality comes at a price and it's a lot of work. I am signing the order with the usual information on post-treatment and risks.
Then she takes me to the back room, where a well-trained tattooist is waiting for me.
Adjusting the motif on the neck was not easy, because you don't see it, it is now colorless and has no outlines anymore. This required a lot of skill and I am amazed how professionally and patiently the non-tattooist works and responds to my millimeter shift wishes.
Then it starts and the unpleasant and lengthy part begins, but it's not as bad as tattooing, because it's tattooed without ink and not tattooed so deeply.
Hours later I leave the shop with a big mullet on my neck, overjoyed to have survived, overjoyed not to be tattooed and I am eager to enjoy the result tomorrow after removing the patch.

Exhibition at the Alte Münze, Berlin

An exhibition at the Alte Münze, Berlin shows two of my works:

Opening is on Saturday 24.03.2018 at 5 pm, here are the further dates:

Here is a VIDEO and the official website of the event


ECSTASIES TERESA TRAILER from callmebranca on Vimeo.

New song "Cluster"

Months of sound tinkering and subtleties. Now he's out: Cluster. A song that brushes sound and counter-sound with and against the line.

Interview video by kunstleben berlin

Many thanks to Kunstleben Berlin for this in-depth interview about my works:

(click here)

The 150MHz DNA resonance lie

Often I just shake my head, but that excites me so much that I have to get rid of it:

It is repeatedly claimed that human DNA would have a resonance frequency of 150MHz.

In principle, I think such considerations are good and therefore follow them, but critically. Where does this supposed resonance frequency come from? It should be calculated from the fact that the DNA is considered to be a wound antenna, which results in a length of about 2m. The frequency can then be calculated from the length.

With this half-knowledge, therapy devices are now being built for gullible customers.

So just briefly, that wasn't going to work:

1) Anyone who knows the tuning button on the radio knows how exactly you have to set a frequency in order to receive. Human DNA is between 1.8 and 2.0 meters long, which is a huge spectrum. So you would have to determine the length, I don't know if anyone did that. But it certainly won't come out exactly 150MHz.

2) The DNA of man and woman is processed differently (XX vs. XY chromosome pair).

3) the DNA is not present as a single strand, but is divided into 46 chromosomes (each chromosome is flattened up to 5cm long), i.e. if only then we have 46 antennas with completely different frequencies. Simply adding many small antennas to a large one is simply nonsense.

In the resonance devices, "healing frequencies" are modulated. I am not so critical of this, but it is easier to implement, see e.g. binaural modulation of alpha, beta, theta and gamma frequencies.


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