ReSon A

Photos: Matthias Kolb

ReSon A is a sound sculpture that generates acousto-optical events by transmitting the vibration of two loudspeakers to a metallic foil.
The resulting secondary vibrations fill the room with a crackling noise and  metal foil beats.

The sculpture describes the process when light hits any surface this surface becomes a light source as well, and that every object which is mechanically hit by waves turns into a sound generator, too.

The folded metal foil also contains in itself a chaotic, unpredictable element and therefore generates an organic sound that cannot be reproduced in fine detail.

The sound scenario arranged for this object, created with synthesizers, is played back by an embedded player, the soundpiece has a duration of 10 minutes and has several parts.

ReSon A (2015)
kinetic sound installation
mp3 player, speakers, metal foil and light strip
Size: 202cm (H) x 182cm (W) x 26cm (D)
Weight 15kg
Uniques: 2+1ea

Proud Collector #3 Show, The Grand Berlin, 2015
Ecstasies Teresa, Alte Muenze Berlin, 2018

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