Olaf Schirm – View from rocks at the shore

To understand AI-Scenographics you can imagine a setup where you are the director of a staged piece in a theatre and you tell all actors, technicians, prop builders, bachground painters what you have in mind to generate the look and feel of the stage event.

Well known artists often have numerous assistants, employees and facilities to produce exactly what the artist has in mind, without him not even touching it or just applying final touches and signature. Sometime it is because the artworks are too complex or big or contain special materials or electronics, sometimes it is simply because the artist is popular and can so pruduce more than he/she could produce one by one. Somtimes it is related to body disabilities or simply lacking of skill.

I will now look at the topic of artist scenographics only in a positive way and try to squeeze out the best I can using an AI instead of a team of helpers. It is all about digital painting: Instead of painting myself, I instruct an AI to paint what I have in my mind. So I tell the AI all important facts about the painting I have in mind, and this is a very, very intense task. The goal is to produce an artwork which I have in mind, with some few twists where I let the AI go and “dream”.

Olaf Schirm – Heather rocks in autumn

I have been working with machines, robots and software, now AI, all my life, from analog to digital to quantum. I guess I know a lot about “the ghost in the machine” and how to hunt him and somehow cooperate with him, which is always the best. You can’t beat it in the end, you can be different and work with the AI as friend.

Similar to the field of modern digital music and her industrial mass produced instruments, art comes now with so many “presets”, so many ready mades and scaled up, scaled down, multiplied or exploded views of natural objects, that most art looks somehow nice, most preset music sounds somehow nice.

AI art is different, it rarely can be as basic as a preset, is rarely just “nice”. AI art is often irritating due to an incomplete or wrong understanding of the world by the AI and especially no real understanding of man made (hand made) “profound”, outstanding art.

Olaf Schirm – Creek in ascending hill with rocks

To make this short: my goal is to generate an AI digital painting which I have in my mind by allowing some machine glitches and errors. The AI is my canvas, my set of paint brushes and palette. And more. Most of my artworks calculated for months and numerous “unfinished” pictures, until the AI understood what I wanted to express. I understand that the AI will never fulfill my wish, this AI artist will always shine through, that is exactly what I want to explore and show with my works, a glimpse into the imagination of the machine.

All finalized digital paintings are printed once on canvas or on metal or acrylic, so they are unique. They are not available in digital or with NFTs.

The four series I am currently working on with the AI:

  1. Tribute (AI is trained by real artworks or my grand-grandfather and collegues of his period)
  2. Famous quotes (AI is given a paint stile or render style and a famous quote)
  3. Songs (AI is given a group of painters, a paint style and a title or key phrase of a song)
  4. Poetic moments (freestyle, derived from working out of chaos or happy accidents)
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