(2008) Tenori-On

Music with Tenori-On

In the blog in April 2008 I referred in an entry to the presentation event of the Tenori-On Sample Player from Yamaha.

The (or that?) Tenori-On is an innovative player for built-in (fixed) samples and a few that ma can add yourself, well, to be honest, e.g. only two pieces if you need them in several pitches, as the device cannot change them. It is interesting to control the 265 white lamps, which illuminate both from the front and back of the device and act as a pushbutton. The Tenori-On mainly has percussive sounds, which imposes a certain style from which it is difficult to break out. Comparable, albeit very different devices on the market are the Monome two fifty six for about 1400 USD, hard to get since only made in small runs and the lemur (or Dexter) by Jazz Mutant for 1500 – 2000 EUR. The latter is probably the best device, but haptic but quite different since there is only a touchscreen here, which on the other hand of course offers endless possibilities of design.

Well, the Tenori-On is interesting for its 1000 EUR purchase price as a performance instrument, but due to its extremely small sample memory also needs to be improved after updating by the long-awaited firmware V2.0.

Nevertheless, I have produced some small pieces, one of which is here:

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