(2008) Strange Attractor I

Strange-Attractor.mp3 (Attention: 98 MB)

Created in the course of 2008.

This is actually an endless piece. Here I recorded the beginning (after switching on) up to 67 minutes.

The piece shows the direction in which some of my newer pieces go: sound objects, sound sculptures, sound spaces.

The goal was an ambient sound carpet for my living room, which changes depending on whether I’m in it or not, making light, moving me, etc.

Sound production takes place with reactor and Reason, Korg Karma and especially audio mulch. An AD converter hangs on the computer and several sensors in the room. The sensors: motion detector (2*), temperature (1*), light (5*).
With the reactor I built a kind of control center. When a sensor event occurs, it is first checked whether it is important or whether further events from this or other sensors occur in a certain time. If so, a slope generator is started, which is very

slowly to a target value and after some time it falls off on its own, unless a new event arrives.

With the slopes, the different synthesizers are displayed and also approx. a dozen sample tracks with 10-20min runtime. These samples are also not simply repeated, but wait a random time of up to 10 minutes.

Some random events make sure that it doesn’t get too boring and that there is a surprise every now and then.

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